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Cohesive (Cohésif) /Kəʊˈhiː.sɪv/ Cohesive (adj.) /kəʊˈhiː.sɪv/ is to hold together disparate parts of something, to create a unity out of an assortment of separate parts. Self-Cohesion is about creating a unified personality out of the separate, disparate parts of who you are.  Our mission is to help assure that all these different parts that make us all unique, are assembled cohesively online to exceeds your fair value - worth

Dre. Laura Benhaim - Chiropractor / Owner - Neuro-Emotional Specialist

Valerie Cossette
21.6K to 1.7M Followers On Instagram

“Working with Nick has brought me a lot of opportunities that I probably would never have won by myself. He taught me how to maximize my time to make it worthwhile and today I'm getting paid contracts with big global companies. I started very little, I think I had 21K when he got into my life, to now a million followers within a year. Thanks to his help, I learned the basics of this platform (Instagram) and how to leverage my attention and influence.” - (@valerie.c_)

Carl Boudreault
7K to 21K Followers On Instagram

“I’ve been building my brand online for some time now under the name of @baristaCarl on instagram.My mission is to promote "latte art" in the gastronomic scene, to improve coffee standards and to value the Barista profession.I needed help in order to share my art on a global scale. Cohesive have surely been able to adapt to my needs and taught me the best growth techniques to expand my brand online.” - (@baristacarl)

Laurence Bedard
11K to 2M Followers On Instagram

“I still thank the day where Nick approached me. He made me understand that it was possible to make a living with a platform I hardly knew. He taught me everything in a short time. With his help, I reached 100k followers per month for 1 year. To end up reaching the million as he had predicted (I never believed it). I'm looking at it from a distance today and I was so lucky to have him. Not for popularity but rather, for the quality of life that I have now, thanks to this platform and Nick’s knowledge.” - (@lolobe4)

We are giving you the power of knowledge by teaching you how to build and monetize your personal brand while keeping a cohesive brand identity.

In this digital era where everything is saturated, you find yourself against an infinite number of competitors and thrive to grab your audience’s attention. There are simple steps to succeed, starting with knowledge and brand awareness. At Cohesive we help you develop your voice through your personal brand, and turn your reputation in profitable revenue.



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You’ve managed to find your voice, your image and your true self in this world. Now comes the time to translate that into the digital platform. The integrity of your image is just as important as your presence in this online era. We are here to help you do it the right way; we will support and teach you everything you need to know when it comes to building a powerful and cohesive brand, online.



The importance of a content strategy is to keep a constant momentum, while keeping the digital conversation open to the brand. Therefore, your business will need quality, one-time content delivery, focused on its distinctive brand messages. All with an artistic touch and a colour preset designed specifically for your brand, to standardize the content and brindle the company.

We help you build and convert your online attention into revenue

In this digital era, branding is important. But to do so cohesively, you need to develop a strategy for your personal brand to go in line with your business brand, and vice-versa. Having a clear and concise brand will set the tone for your leads, your clients and yourself.

Nick Leger

Partner, Brand Innovation Specialist

Kevin Mayer

Partner, Business Development

Your brand is exactly how you speak, who you are and where you go. Choose wisely, your actions will determine how people react and perceive you. In the real world, do you dress up, comb your hair, smell good and shake hands firmly? Why not build the same foundation online? You HAVE to stay Cohesive within your two worlds.
— Nick Leger

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