Watch more than 300,000 Stories a day!

Cohesive IG-Growth is an amazing automation tool for Instagram that will boost your engagement. View millions of stories, get attention and convert!


About the tool

Watch +/- 300,000 stories a day ... but why? What does it do? Is it targeted or random? It's a quantity game

  • 300,000 stories to watch a day. Targeted according to the sources, which we will have determined together.

  • We evaluate that +/- 0.001% of people will notice you.

  • 300 people, per day, will notice you. So around 300 "profile visits" per day.

  • 5-10% of them may give you a follow, likes or even ask for your services, who knows!

  • So we are talking about 15-30 people +/- per day who risk giving you a Follow.

15-30 Followers per day - 30days = 300-900 followers / month + 300% increase in "profile visit"

*Please note that it’s not a CERTAINTY but an APPROXIMATIVE built on our past experiences with over 25 accounts

Here’s a couple of our client’s statistics


How much does it cost ?


per Instagram Account

Do you have a company and would you like to have more of your employees / colleagues on this tool?

It is possible to make group bundles, please write to us directly at contact@cohesiveself.com with "IG Growth Group Price" as Subject!