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Valerie Cossette
21.6K to 1.7M Followers On Instagram

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Carl Boudreault
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“I’ve been building my brand online for some time now under the name of @baristaCarl on instagram.My mission is to promote "latte art" in the gastronomic scene, to improve coffee standards and to value the Barista profession.I needed help in order to share my art on a global scale. Cohesive have surely been able to adapt to my needs and taught me the best growth techniques to expand my brand online.” - (@baristacarl)

Laurence Bedard
11K to 2M Followers On Instagram

“I still thank the day where Nick approached me. He made me understand that it was possible to make a living with a platform I hardly knew. He taught me everything in a short time. With his help, I reached 100k followers per month for 1 year. To end up reaching the million as he had predicted (I never believed it). I'm looking at it from a distance today and I was so lucky to have him. Not for popularity but rather, for the quality of life that I have now, thanks to this platform and Nick’s knowledge.” - (@lolobe4)